Urbanization and development continue to lead to surges in the construction sector, whether its commercial, housing or infrastructure. To give you a small example, India alone requires 250 billion bricks a year to meet its building requirements and this is expected to increase to 772 billion by 2030.

Overview The building materials industry is an important supplier to the construction sector covers an immense array of ancillary industries- from cement to steel bars, paints and pipes to tiles and granite, bathroom and kitchen fittings to light fixtures, electrical wirings, sanitary ware, drainage, locks, glasswork woodwork – the list is almost limitless.

Additionally, sustainable ‘green’ buildings are also taking centre stage. These are urban projects that aim to reduce the impact on the environment and change the living habits of citizens to make them more responsible for their surroundings. The construction of buildings and other infrastructures using sustainable technologies and materials is key to this type of initiative.


Coffee table book

Choosing the Best

The Indian construction industry today has a variety of options when it comes to choosing its building materials and fittings/fixtures partners. However, with a gamut of Indian and international players competing in the market, how can the industry know which is the best brand for it? Therefore, in the best interest of the Indian construction and ancillary industries, The Economic Times is introducing the first listing of the Best Brands in the Indian Building Materials and Fittings through a coffee table book in continuation of its Best Brands series.

This coffee table book will highlight the key players from the Indian building material industry by analyzing their performance on the basis of their offerings, market presence and brand recall. The leading companies will be shortlisted and made to go through an analysis of the overall performance of the company based on publicly available data before they finally make it to the list.


Knowledge Partner

To bring in more credibility to this initiative we have roped in BDB India Pvt Ltd as a neutral Knowledge partner. Breakthrough Management Group International (BMGI) is known to be one of the most effective thought leaders in the Innovation, Enterprise Process Management, Lean Six Sigma space.

Selection Criteria

To be a part of ‘The Economic Times Best Brands in Building Materials and Fittings 2022, companies will have to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Should be currently serving the Indian construction, building and ancillary industries
  • Should have considerable presence across the country.
  • Should have some presence in the international market.
  • Should be focussed on Innovation, Technology and Service.
  • Should have positive and consistent business performance.
  • Should have significant amount of publicly available data about the Brand.

Industry sectors to be considered

  • Cement / Putty
  • Steel bars
  • Paint /Putty
  • Wooden items / Ply
  • Sanitaryware
  • Tiles
  • Granite
  • Bathroom / Kitchen fittings
  • Lights
  • HVAC
  • Drainage Pipe and other pipe fittings
  • Electrical wires and associated fitments
  • Door handles / Knobs
  • Locks
  • Interiors
  • Glass / windows / mirror suppliers
  • Green building materials
  • Sustainable building materials and solutions

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